Winds of change are blowing, and that is always a great time to spring clean, reset and make new beginnings. As everyone has, I have orphaned many many blogs. Also like everyone, I start again with the intention of continuing to flex my writing muscles regularly. However every other blog I have started has been on an external managed platform, and every blog post I wrote was more for myself than for an audience. So this one is different.

This blog is different for me because I intend to write this to share my thoughts, experiences, knowledge and opinions with others. This blog is different for me because I own the online real estate it is hosted on.

I happened to come across a blog post that resonated with me. Troy Hunt’s Why online identities are smart career moves. I have typed up a resume a few times in this lifetime, and that is an exercise I hated from the bottom of my heart. When LinkedIn came along, I was quite happy, until I got a message from someone in China, I have never met or heard of, offering to endorse 3 skills of my choice if I will do the same for him or her! So having an online identity, and by leaving traces of my work in the public domain, I hope to never have to write a resume or depend on linkedIn again, and let my work and thinking speak for itself.

I am quite clear about what I do well, and what I would like to learn, technology-wise. My attempt with this blog is to share things I am good at, my opinions, and my journeys trying to blunder my way through learning and doing interesting things, as the winds of change blow me across new sceneries.